Glovers and Tanners

More history through pictures and advertisements.
Ireland Bros. original glove factory was located at W. Green St, Johnstown. A larger factory erected
at W. State St. was later occupied by several companies. Among those companies were Pearl Leather
Finishers and later Arrow Leather Finishers. The building was lost in a massive April 2008 fire that also destroyed three other former glove and leather mills. Ireland Bros also owned a leather tannery behind their W. State St. glove factory on Bridge St. for a number of years.
       Glovers and Tanners
Booth & Co. Leather Dressing Mill
Lincoln St, Gloversville
Elite Glove Co, S. School St, Gloversville. Later this location was home to W.N. Zimmer & Son Gloves and School St. became Arlington Av.
The original G. Levor Tannery was a large wooden structure
that was lost to fire. It was then replaced by a brick and steel structure which was later occupied by Lee Dyeing and still stands at Woodside Av, Gloversville.
Daniel Hays & Co.
Glove Factory
W. Fulton St,
Gates-Mills, N. Market St., Johnstown
          (Now Falk Industries)
George Johns
Maylender Bros.
N. Market St.
   Hutchens & Potter (H&P Gloves)
     S. Perry St & 4th Av, Johnstown
Later Elmer Little & Sons, now this site
is occupied by a St. Mary's Hospital Clinic.
Hallock & Stewart
110 S. Market St., Johnstown
Later Superb Gloves and Conroy Gloves
Ireland Bros. Glove Factory
   W. State St., Johnstown
 Ireland Bros.
Original Factory
  W. Green St.
Ireland Bros. Leather Co.
     Bridge St., Johnstown
Kent & Company Leather Factory, Grand & Washburn Streets, Gloversville
J.Q. Adams Mill, Beaver St., Johnstown.
The original wooden tannery was lost to fire
in 1918. It was replaced by a brick structure
which later became Crescendoe Gloves.
Subsequently, Beaver St. was renamed
Crescendoe Rd.
The Northrup Glove Manufacturing Company
was established in Broadalbin and moved to a new brick
building located at S. Market Street in Johnstown in 1875.
Northrup's also had a large tannery located just south
of the present Simco Leather Corp. on Pleasant Av.
Northrup Glove Mfg. Co.
      27-29 S. Market St.
Northrup Glove Mfg. Co.
   Glove Leather Tannery
    Mill St. (Pleasant Av.)
Many buildings had several different companies as tenants over the years.
The above mentioned Northrup Glove factory at S. Market St, Johnstown
was later home to Crescendoe Gloves before that company settled into their Crescendoe Rd. facility.
The Northrup Glove tannery was later home to the Mocha Dressing Co. and the Cleary Tanning Co.
One such building was the Lynn Groff Bldg. located at 98-100 N. Market St., Johnstown. The building has been home to R.H. Crown Company
(a maintenance products company) since 1967, but started as the Groff & Co. Glove Manufactory. Over the years several different glove companies have occupied this site.
Lynn Groff Bldg., Johnstown
The demise of the glove and leather industry has been well documented. Unfortunately, it mirrors the overall decline in manufacturing in the U.S.
While the glove industry barely exists today, locally, the leather industry is
still significant, though not nearly as dominant as it once was. Longevity is rare, but not unheard of. Curtin-Hebert started as a manufacturer of glove and leather machinery over 130 years ago and is still in existence today. Jones & Naudin Leather is still in business across the street from
, but the most impressive local concern would have to be the Wood & Hyde Leather Company and it's still operating tannery located in Gloversville.
 An early photo of the
Wood & Hyde tannery
      in Gloversville.
Triangle Finishing Corp.
W. Clinton St. Ext., Johnstown
The Evans family has a long history in the local industries of Johnstown and Gloversville. The R.J. & R. Evans Glove Company was located at W. State St, Johnstown and a large tannery was also in operation at W. Montgomery St. Later theTriangle Finishing Corp. was owned and operated by members of the Evans family. That plant was re-named Adirondack Finishing and was an arm of the Lee Dyeing Company, which still exists locally. The Evans' started in the glove business and expanded into glove leather tanning. For many years Lee Dyeing was one of the largest local employers and turned to concentrating on textiles dyeing and finishing. The company expanded to facilities in North Carolina as well as occupying the former Rebel Dyeing Company and the former G. Levor Tannery, both located in Gloversville. In 2002 the company shut down local operations and moved to North Carolina, but has since re-opened an embossing operation in their old plant on N. Perry St. in Johnstown. They now work on both textiles and leather embossing and printing.
Karg Brothers Tannery
E. Fulton St., Johnstown
Karg Brothers Tannery in Johnstown was one of the largest employers in the area for many years after the Karg family had ended
their involvement with the firm. The Karg Tannery would become a part of the Feuer Corporation, headquartered in New York City.
In 1994, the Feuer Corporation declared bankruptcy and dealt an industry-wide blow felt throughout the area.
Many smaller companies went down when the Feuer plants shut down. Prior to this, Feuer owned the Pan-American Tanning Corp. (formerly Gloversville Leather) and the Risedorph Tannery both in Gloversville. They also operated the Crown Leather Finishing Company on N. Perry St. This plant would later become Allied Split a few years before Feuer's closing. They had leather tanning and finishing plants as far away as Mercersburg, Pennsylvania, at one point.
While the leather industry still exists, locally, the area never recovered from the Feuer bankruptcy and has since turned it's attention to attracting other industries. The success enjoyed by the Fulton County Economic Development Corporation has enabled displaced glove and leather workers to maintain employment. Such large and successful companies as Wal-Mart, Benjamin Moore, Fage and others have softened the blow to the Fulton County economy.
Former Feuer Affiliated Addresses:

6-20 E. Fulton St., Johnstown
318 W. Fulton St., Gloversville
140 W. 8th Av., Gloversville
422 N. Perry St., Johnstown
110 N. Market St., Johnstown
53 Pleasant Av, Johnstown
Railroad Av., Johnstown
138 N. Arlington Av, Gloversville
31 Crescendoe Rd., Johnstown
Former Evans Affiliated Addresses:

328 N. Perry St., Johnstown*
11-15 W. State St., Johnstown
111 Woodside Av., Gloversville
361 S. Main St., Gloversville
327 W. Montgomery St., Johnstown
307 N. Comrie Av, Johnstown
14 Broadway, Gloversville
48-56 Beaver St., Gloversville
Former JKM Affiliated Addresses:

309 W. Montgomery St., Johnstown
Grove St., Johnstown
N. Comrie Av., Johnstown
44 Willett St., Fort Plain
The Johnstown Knitting Mill Company was another local company that lasted the entire 20th Century. The company was a large employer in the area and manufactured knitted goods and work glove cloth. J.K.M. later concentrated on knitwear, but was integral in the early glove and leather industry as a supplier of materials. The Diana Knitting Company was a division, also located in Johnstown. This plant turned yarn into cloth and the product was then shipped on to be dyed and finished at the W. Montgomery Street plant. A factory outlet store started in the basement of the main office building and later moved to the former Family Bargain Center store located in the Arterial Plaza on N. Comrie Av., in Johnstown. Some sewing operations were also performed at N. Comrie Av. and later expansions moved operations to Fort Plain and Glenfield, New York facilities. Sales offices were maintained in New York City, but by the year 2000, the Johnstown Knitting Mill Company succumbed to the financial distress of foreign competition and closed after over 100 years as a local concern. The J.K.M. Plant has been renovated and houses several companies while the Diana mill is still empty.
J.K.M. Plant
W. Montgomery St.
Diana Mill
Grove St.
The following glove sample pics were made possible through a very generous donation by Leo Shore from The Glove Shops & Postman’s in New York City. Mr. Shore has been associated with the glove industry for several decades and was introduced to by Patricia Ann Parenti of Tender Gloving Care. A collection of vintage gloves for ladies, teens and girls from the 1940’s-1980’s are available @
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Grandoe gloves
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Launder Leather
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Washable Leather
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Soapable Leather
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nylon gloves
Crescendoe gloves
Genuine Deerskin
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Wonder Gloves
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U.S.A. Gloves
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The original Peerless Tanning Co. was destroyed by fire in April 1955.