Glovers, Tanners & Leather Dressers

Johnstown Public Library
38 S. Market St.,
Johnstown, NY 12095

Gloversville Free Library
58 E. Fulton St.,
Gloversville, NY 12078
             Glovers and Tanners

Learn more about the glovers, tanners & leather dressers of Fulton County, NY.

A large majority of the local workforce was part of the glove and leather industry.
Workers didn't need to be directly employed by a glove shop or leather tannery to be
a contributor. Many companies were started up to support the local industry.
Box makers, sewing machine manufacturers, thread dealers, chemical companies
and more. Knox Gelatin and Milligan & Higgins Glue Factory are two examples of
companies that used tannery bi-products. To learn more about the people, places
and more that made up the "Glove Cities" you can make contact via email or phone.          
(Johnstown Historical Society and Fulton County Historical Society & Museum Member)
Recommended reading:

"The Glove Cities" by Barbara McMartin with W. Alec Reid

"Fulton County, A Pictorial History" by Lewis G. Decker
A large library of information and reference tools exists regarding the history of the glove and leather industry in the cities of Johnstown and Gloversville in Fulton County, New York. Many hours of research went into preserving this data. Share memories, photos and questions through the Glovers, Tanners & Leather Dressers resources. This website is provided as a non-profit information database.
Argersinger Bros. Leather Dressing Mill
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