Names and Places 

Today, Karg Brothers is the name of a popular local party band. Once upon a time Karg Brothers was the largest tannery in Johnstown, and one of the largest employers.

Today, Littauer is associated almost exclusively with the local hospital, but the money for Gloversville's Nathan Littauer Hospital and existing Littauer Foundation came from the glove and leather industry. The Littauer Brothers Tannery in Johnstown and Littauer Brothers Glove Factory in Gloversville were major employers and financially successful businesses.

Today, famous brand names found in the worldwide glove industry started in Johnstown and Gloversville. Names such as Grandoe, Elmer Little, Aris and Daniel Hays are still available on the market.
Glovers and Tanners

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the past that created two cities in the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains in Upstate New York. A library of H.A. Manning City Directories dating back to 1865 is available for information.
Glovers and Tanners
Karg Bros. Tanners
Littauer Bros. Factory
The Johnstown Knitting Mil Company
Tannery Workers
Tools of the Trades
Flow Coat Finishing Machine
Glove Making Tools
Singer Glove Sewing Machine
Brine Curing Tank
Leather Glove & Garment Sewing Machine
Hide Washing Machines
Hide Wringing Machine
Fleshing Machine
Fatliquor Drum
Shaving Machine
Glazing Jack
Flow Coat Finishing Machine
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